Excerpts from the Italian Diaries.

Day 2. Trip to Malcesine

After a too hot night of crazy dreams we were awoken by nan knocking on our door at 8.15am.Too early for us (having not really recovered from the extremely early start yesterday) but we got up and went down to a reviving buffet breakfast where there was something for every taste, plus a nice big mug of english breakfast tea.

Coming down the stairs first thing we were bowled over by the view of the lake. Yesterdays mist had lifted revealing stunning limestone mountains and a gorgeous blue lake. After breakfast we promenaded up and down the immediate vicinity of the lakeside road then headed back to the hotel for the rep’s orientation.

After that we went up to the poolside bar. I had a small beer, Evelyn had peach ice tea and mum had a big beer (Bitburger) even though it was only 11.30 in the morning! We made plans from the bus timetables, maps and the info given at the orientation. Our first plan of action was to head to Malcesine. Pronounced Mal-chez-ina. Found the bus stop easily but it wasn’t due for a while so we looked around a herb, wine and oil shop. I bought some as pressies and resolved to go back to buy wine for the hotel and perhaps some limoncello.

Bus ride to Malcesine. Headed straight down to the water edge via some gift shops but stopping for lunch in a cobbled square first of all. I had an Aperol Spritz and the others had wine. We shared a bruschetta caprese which was wonderfully garlicky.

Walked around the lovely village which has a colourful harbour. Got some delicious ice cream; Crema Mediterranean and Macadamia. Gave mum a taster of Gorgonzola hoping for a repeat of the Fois Gras trick that was played on me a couple of years ago in France but it back fired and she enjoyed it. Took plenty of photos, avoiding the other tourists of which there were quite a few then walked up to the castle without going into it properly and settled in another cobbled square for coffees and to rest our feet. Wonderful! Headed back to the bus and waited with a million other tourists, bundled onto the bus but got seats. Went back to the wine shop in Brenzone and tried the different limoncellos. There was a cream one and a normal one. I’d definitely go for the normal. The creamy one was too sickly. Tried the Parmesan too. Will definitely go back.

The afternoon light against the lake and mountains was beautiful as the haze was coming back in. Got back to the hotel and mum and I headed straight to the pool. We had it totally to ourselves and though it was a bit of a cold shock to get in it was the perfect temperature to cool down in.

Knowing that E and B were keen to get in early for supper we came in after only a short while. The sun had gone anyway so it was not as balmy as it could’ve been. For supper we had salad followed by, spaghetti with tuna and capers followed by roast potatoes with slices of veal then a desiccated coconut instant whip affair. All very tasty after a day sightseeing. I had a Bitburger which went down a treat.

Tomorrow we’d planned to go to Riva de Garda but realising that we have a day trip planned for all the other days mum and I have decided that we’ll stick by the pool and lake tomorrow if the weather is fine like today. Must do some drawing too.

Ciao ciao!





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