Move, Moving, Moved

For some long time living in the centre of town (Bath) was enjoyable and convenient being just minutes away from the cinemas, pubs, theatre and friends but the infamous ‘nighttime economy’ and traffic problems had started to wear me down. It was most nights that sleep was disturbed with broken alarms, angry fights or aggressive seagulls. Not only that friends had started to move, bit … Continue reading Move, Moving, Moved


Excerpts from the Italian Diaries. Part 2

4 Ladies of Verona A half day excursion to Verona meant another early start but as the coach was picking us up from our hotel it was easy. Our tour guide, Caroline, is particularly annoying and without any interesting dialogue. She spent most of the journey to Verona talking about toilet stops. I do not have any time for her at all. Arriving in the … Continue reading Excerpts from the Italian Diaries. Part 2


Excerpts from the Italian Diaries.

Day 2. Trip to Malcesine After a too hot night of crazy dreams we were awoken by nan knocking on our door at 8.15am.Too early for us (having not really recovered from the extremely early start yesterday) but we got up and went down to a reviving buffet breakfast where there was something for every taste, plus a nice big mug of english breakfast tea. … Continue reading Excerpts from the Italian Diaries.