TW ’17 Part III

N.B This is from last year


“Up at 7am for breakfast! Amazing huge buffet, had fruit and pastries and kumquat juice followed by a couple of Chinese/ Taiwanese dishes. Lovely. Rich and I headed out to the Confucius Temple and the museum of literature. Really sunny and bright and hot. Made our way to Shennong street in time to find Gwilym and LJ who had spent the morning in the sauna and eating cake and drinking smoothies.

A map to locate breakfast
Rooftops at Confucius temple

Enjoyed the very different, old style of housing at Shennong and came across a parade of dancing girls from a local temple. Bizarre! Enjoyed a rest in a Japanese style coffee shop which despite drilling next door was very relaxing.


Taxi to Annping to the fort. Games, fort then walked to the tree house. Wasn’t too fussed but it turned out to be amazing! Walked back through Annping market then around the waterfront and enjoyed the lights on the water. Taxi back to the hotel. Final sauna and hot tub. Not so enjoyable…other women in there so felt a bit too self conscious, still, nice to do the hot and cold baths and then after some 7-11 noodles and sushi, bed. Up again early for breakfast then checked out and taxi back to hsr station and train to Taichung.

Taxi to Uching and Tim’s apartment. Lunch at a Japanese restaurant around the corner from them, pork and ramen. Headed out to a 7-11 to buy a sharpie to make our signs and then joined the anti air pollution march. Nice and busy, comfortable atmosphere but very hot. Nipped out after an hour for refreshments and then back to the apartment to the go out again for lamb hot pot and some bubble tea from the shop that supposedly invented it. Nice pedestrianised street.”



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