Excerpts from the Italian Diaries. Part 2

4 Ladies of Verona

A half day excursion to Verona meant another early start but as the coach was picking us up from our hotel it was easy. Our tour guide, Caroline, is particularly annoying and without any interesting dialogue. She spent most of the journey to Verona talking about toilet stops. I do not have any time for her at all.

Arriving in the city it was our aim to loose Caroline as soon as possible. We also didn’t have a long time to explore so we walked as quickly as we could. Arriving promptly into the main square, Piazza Bra, we then came directly to the arena which is still used for concerts and operas. It’s huge! In Roman times it seated 22,000 but these days they give over a larger part to the stage so it is now more like 13,000.

Stopped for a cafe break where I had an affogato, ice cream doused in espresso. Very refreshing. We then explored some back streets heading towards the Piazza del Erbe.

Piazza de Erbe was even nicer than Bra. Having passed Juliet’s balcony without much interest, piazza Erbe was stunning. Really beautiful with all different height house with pretty balconies, geraniums in window baskets, paintings on the walls and bell towers. A market was set up in the middle with all the usuall Italian tourist gifts but also some interesting fruit and veg stalls where whole sweet chestnuts were on sale.

We didn’t stop for lunch as there wasn’t really time but we had a nice time wending our way through the marble lined streets taking photos and stopping for drinks when necessary.

Evelyn and I sought out Julie’s tomb but you had to pay to get in and we would’ve been late to the coach had we done so. Made it back to the coach and then to Papageyo’s at the hotel for a late lunch.






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