TW ’17 Continued…

From my diary:

“Today, Sunday, am delighted to have slept all night. We are shortly to set off for pot sticker dumplings and a hike in the mountains having organised trips out to Taichung, Tainan and Hualien.

Dumplings were wonderful. We had all flavours and were stuffed like a dumpling ourselves by the time we were done.

Soup and dumplings. Brunch.


Pot sticker dumplings

Gwil wasn’t sure of the route to the mountain but we found it without any problems. It was quite an uphill hike in itself tonfind the route. L came down on his scooter to shuttle us but only Rich jumped on. It turned out it was only round the corner but he enjoyed the Gogoro electric scooter.



Although it was warm there was a cooling breeze which stopped us getting overheated and there were fantastic view points at every turn. All in all it was a 2 hour hike and we felt good at the end of it. There were good pathways and it was just the right conditions. Took plenty of photos and all had a good time. It was sundown by the time we finished and we took the decision to head to the cinema. Jumped in a taxi and went over to Neihu (I think) for the Miramar complex. We were booked in to see ‘Arrival’ with Amy Adams and Gwil’s actor I can’t remember his name. We got some food first…well the others did. I was still full from the dumplings. LJ got food inspired by Midnight Diner, rice wrapped in an omelet and GwFi got a curry to share. Gwil and Rich both got super duper haircuts for 300NTD each and then we went to watch the film.

5pm looking towards the sunset and Beitou.
Panorama of Taipei
A large spider hangs its web across the pathway.
My family are terrible poseurs

The auditorium and screen were enormous, wonderfully clean and plush. The film was excellent but the final conundrums and twist slightly took away from the importance of communication for me. Awesome film though and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Exiting the cinema we walked past the big wheel and bouyed up by good feelings from the film we all piled on it it despite being wusses with heights. Not really scary till we were up on the very top. Great fun, good views and we all had a laugh at Gwilym expense regarding him not understanding the film.

Gwilym goes first for a haircut
Rich gets a haircut
The Miramar mall
On the big wheel

We then had a quick go in the arcade which was amazing fun and i’d’ve been happy to stay there but they were closing. We played a game to throw balls at a flasher, mosquitos attacking a baby and a drumming game.

Taxi home and promptly to bed. Absolutely knackered.


Another day of excersise!
After Gwil took us out for Dan Bing and a trip to his local Buddhist temple we were then whisked back home to go on a bike ride. We only had to go over a few roads to get to the cycle path but I was still a bit nervous. The bikes were great and the helmets comfortable too. We whizzed along at a rate faster and further than I’m used to, not having such great cycle tracks in Bath. It was all very interesting with wetlands either side of us. We came back a different route and saw rice fields and a water buffalo with its calf and some impressive birds of prey.

Choosing our bikes and helmets
Cycle path selfie
Water buffalo with calf and egrets.
Rice fields and skyscrapers

As we’d dawdled rather, well I had, we were then a bit pushed for heading to our hostel but with Fiona’s help we found it. She went off to acting class and we checked in got comfortable and then headed out to Ningxia night market. Armed with our phrase book we became old hands at asking for ‘2 portions of those please’ and we ate very well and all excellent food. We started off gently with bubble milk tea followed by the greens of spring onions wrapped in ham and griddled high. Those were especially delicious.

Ningxia night market



We got some popcorn chicken in a BBQ sauce and after that we saw an enormous queue for a very nondescript humble stall so we joined the queue to see wha5 all the fuss was about. Enourmous rice balls stuffed with mince and veggies and a puffed batter thing which were only 40 NTD each!!!!! After that we’d had our fill and just got a little dessert of toffee cherry toms and toffee strawberry for me. Walked back home and hit the hay.

The hostel is nice and clean and the clients are all very quiet which is good. The traffic is noisy but it’s a constant roar so actually easy to tune out of. I didn’t find it disturbing at all and slept well.

Popcorn chicken
Queue for the filled rice ball. 飯糰 just 40NTD (approx £1)
Inside our hostel by Taipei Main Station
Hostel Selfie




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