Catching Up Part 2

Last Quarter of 2015

September saw a trip to Sheffield for the much anticipated Limestone pavement walk near Kilnsey in the Yorkshire Dales. A wet weekend was forecast and delivered but buoyed up by the news of Jeremy Corbyn’s victory we scampered amongst the rocks and it only took a short while for the sun to come out and show us the impressive views to be had. Back in S7 we enjoyed a slap up roast dinner with giant Yorkshire puds and flatcaps. Find out more about limestone pavements here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 16.37.47
View from above on Google Earth,-2.01477,10562m/data=!3m1!1e3
Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 16.37.02
Shows the extent of the exposed limestone and the valley below.

September proved to be a busy month with the beginning of my dressmaking course over at the Folk House in Bristol. It is now complete and I have a dress to prove it but no photos of the finished product just yet as I have yet to wear it to the wedding I’m going to in early February. I’m impressed with the neatness and fit of it and can’t wait to tackle more projects. It was a hard slog and took a lot of concentration but worth it all in the end. Here’s some photos to give you the gist of what I was working on.

Later on in the same month Rich managed to secure the sought after tickets for Dismaland so a trip to the seaside was planned incorporating that all important fish n chips. We had a really fun time despite it being pretty cold, neither did we suffer the anticipated queues or overcrowding. It was very well managed and an enjoyable day out.


I had not quite believed the popularity of the show but whilst we were there we overheard voices from Germany, Austria and Japan who had all specially travelled to WSM for the show. There was a good variety of artworks including a surprising amount of painting but my favourites were the short films and the installations I’m assuming were created by Banksy himself. It was a very accessible exhibition and well incorporated the sideshow theatre of a dismal British day out and the use of the Tropicana was inspired. Of course we were all part of the joke but we were entertained all the way.

Other notable events in the ninth month of the year were a sunny trip to Royal Berkshire to become a GODMOTHER and a 15th anniversary reunion of friends I met whilst doing my Fine Art degree at Bath Spa. In both instances a lot of fun was had.


Local cider for the Godmother.

I continued working with Matt and taking a lunchtime walk was rewarded with the most incredible early autumnal colours. September and October were far better months than August as you can see here:

I collected a bumper harvest of Sloes for my annual gin thing and by Christmas had what I think is the best batch ever. I used a Sipsmith recipe which was much more straightforward than the usual rubbish of pricking each berry nine times with a pin. I didn’t use sipsmith gin but neither did I use the cheap stuff either. I only used just enough sugar syrup to take the edge off the neat gin……..actually- reminiscing about all this I think I may just pour myself one. In the meantime here are pictures of my ‘helpers’ one picked a lot more than the other. Having it less sweet than usual means that it mixes well with a dash of tonic and some ice cubes. IMG_2691




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