Move, Moving, Moved

For some long time living in the centre of town (Bath) was enjoyable and convenient being just minutes away from the cinemas, pubs, theatre and friends but the infamous ‘nighttime economy’ and traffic problems had started to wear me down. It was most nights that sleep was disturbed with broken alarms, angry fights or aggressive seagulls. Not only that friends had started to move, bit by bit further out of town and the cinema had become too expensive to get to on a regular basis. The joy of loft living has been sadly lacking in the last few years.


At just the right time a friend had found herself thinking much the same about where she lived albeit with different concerns and requirements. Luckily for me what she hadn’t got need for was exactly what I wanted and the process of moving was underway. It was 12 and a half years since I’d last moved and 12 and a half years of accumulations that needed sorting, packing and chucking.






Here, I’ll point out this isn’t all my stuff. My flatmate moved with me and we are now housemates. Once the packing was done then there was the decorating of the new place which we started with much enthusiasm but a few rooms down, then work, packing, cleaning and unpacking began to take its toll and we began to flag. The new place is looking really good though especially if, like us, you don’t look up at the ceilings and ignore the hallway and stairwells which still need tidying up.







The kitchen is our favourite room as we always guessed it would be. We’re both keen cooks and had had the oddest of kitchens in our previous place so one that is square with a central dining table and a ‘through room’ which leads out onto the garden is our idea of perfect.

We’ve just done it white for now to make it as light as possible (its underground) and to get it done quickly. With a trip to Ikea this weekend and our new statement lampshade in situ it’s come together very well and is looking pretty chic.

The bathroom was a fantastic yellow and I love yellow but the number of patched holes meant that a new colour would be best. We’ve gone for a two tone look for fun. I’m not convinced by the grey but it sets of the turquoise beautifully. Here’s some more pics. They are far from the ‘after’ pics you’ll see on design blogs as we are still very much in progress of finding where stuff goes and how we want to decorate and accessorise but there’s definite improvement. Not least in the garden which has really blossomed into a wonderful space for birds, insects and us to enjoy.











What we can’t improve upon is the view. Here it is at twenty past seven in the evening, crisp, clear and mesmerising. We have found our happy home and look forward to making lots of new memories in it. We’ve started with gusto celebrating Matt’s birthday and Eleni’s birthday so far with plenty more to come.










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