Day 2

Further to the blog posts I wrote last year here are just a couple more that I’ve just discovered in a diary I wrote at the time:

Our first proper day and Fiona and Gwil had allowed us a nice lie in and brought us breakfast. We sat down to Dan Bing in the flat which we thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a thin pancake with a thin egg and bacon filling. It’s drizzled with a sesame/soy sauce and is delicious. I could’ve eaten 3!

Once G and F had kitted us out with Yoyo cards for the MRT and Buses and we’d gathered all our bits and bobs we headed of into Taipei for an explore. We first went to the Beitou hot Springs museum and Eco Library. It’s local and just one stop away in Xin Beitou. Everything is just fascinating from the produce on sale in the 7/11s to the flora and fauna, adverts and all around. It took us ages just to explore a small area but we had a good time. We headed back to the flat which had given F&G time to do a bit of sorting. They’re not yet fully moved in so there were a few bits and pieces they wanted to do.

All of us then headed then headed out together to a famous dumpling restaurant. We went to the one at Sogo department store food hall which is a bit like Harvey Nichols. At Din Tae Fung we went crazy ordering wonderful plump steamed pork dumplings, crab dumplings, rice, pickled cucumber, and more……Fiona took charge and welcomed us to Taiwan to treating us to the meal. We then browsed the store buying Japanese cream filled puffs and egg custard tarts. There were loads of cool cooking appliances and gizmos for making insanely complicated sushi and all sorts of beauty products and stationary.






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