20th February 2014

Had Dim Sum with Gwil and Fiona after a day exploring Window on China. A nice end to the day especially as Laurie wasn’t due back from work till late so wouldn’t be around to let us into his flat.

Earlier that day we’d caught the bus from Zhongshan airport and an hour and 50 minutes later we were in Taoyuan county.

A bright and sunny day and much needed respite from the city. A bit chilly but blue skies. The miniatures were very good quality and my faves were the European ones. The Asian ones were fab too but not so recognisable to my western eyes.

Met up with G & F at about 7.15 who took us a few stops on the MRT to Zhongshan Fuxing for Dim Sum in a place we never would have found by ourselves as it was on the first floor of what looked like an office block.

We had turnip cake, drunk chicken, 1000 year old eggs (which used to be soaked in horse piss), noodles, char Sui bao and far more that I can’t name. I’ll get F to identify them on my photo tomorrow.

Finished of the night trying betel nut and a 58% kaoliang from an island off Taiwan. Gross!






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