This Little Piggy Went to Market (Taiwan 3)

Just a quick post today and it’s not for the squeamish. It’s a gallery of photos taken at the markets in Songshan (somewhere around Longjian Road I think). It’s pretty densely built up in this area and although it works on a grid system, much like New York, I found it more confusing than if it had been all higgledy piggeldy.  Don’t use a 7/11 or a Family Mart as a reference because they’re on every corner (and fab they are too). I think 7/11s probably deserve their own blog post-once I get through all the other stuff I’ll tackle them.

We’d spent a couple of days in Songshan district but hadn’t really found it to have a great deal of character compared to Beitou. So far we had only used it as a crash pad for exploring the rest of Taipei so we were pretty ignorant about the area. Here there were stray dogs and motor repair places but not a lot else, it seemed. Not until Laurie showed us the way to the markets that is! This was our first experience of Taipei people doing their ‘shop’ and it was as colourful as some of these pics show-if not more so. What a fantastically bustling, organised and plentiful place!

In Taipei you must keep your wits about you looking left, right and left again and repeat that process until you are safely on the other pavement. Mopeds drive all over the place including pavements and traffic will flow even on a red light. At the market it was much the same- less for being run over by a moped-though that was still likely, more that you’d head into some hanging meats or stumble over a huge floor display of dried mushrooms or wax apples. It was our first genuinely sunny day and as such I’d opted for open sandals, which I remembered had a crack in the bottom of the sole, once I’d walked through the fishmongers’ and noticed that I had quite a wet foot.

Laurie’s place isn’t currently geared up for much home cooking, not that we’d know what to do with half the stuff, so we admired from a far, taking it all in. I bought a wax apple just for the sake of buying something but left the pigs faces for another customer.


3 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went to Market (Taiwan 3)

    1. Hi Ted! It really was a fun trip and I enjoyed being forced to try new foods. It’s even further away from where you are but Taiwan is a lovely country. I’m saving up to go again sometime. I look forward to spending a bit more time reading your blog. The Devilled Eggs recipe looks worth a shot!

      1. Well, thank you! The deviled eggs really hit the spot. There is a lot I want to post, but sometimes it is tough to remember to take pictures before you devour the delights.

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