Have you Eaten Yet? (Taiwan 2)

Taiwanese cuisine was one of the things Rich and I were most excited about experiencing on our trip East. And the good news is it exceeded our very high expectations!

In Britain we often greet each other with a, “How are you?”, but in Taiwan it’s more common to hear, “Have you eaten yet?”. I can answer this question with a “yes” but I’ll still be plied with more Taiwanese specialities.

On many occasions the food got gobbled up before we were able to take good looking pictures of it but here you can get an overall impression of the different foods we tried.

Gwilym will hopefully (when he has some spare time) contribute to this post and add some more ‘flavour’ to what I’ve written, correcting along the way any of my errors or omissions.

Rich has some more photos of different foods we tried that I’ve not yet included so perhaps there will be a Food ii article with some more details, link and recipes!

Note from the Chinese Editors (Gwilym) : I’m not a foodie so I don’t know what half of these foods are.  I’ll have to ask Fiona. 


4 thoughts on “Have you Eaten Yet? (Taiwan 2)

    1. Almost impossible to say! I loved the fresh flavours in the Vietnamese food we tried but the beef in Hot Pot is wonderful and the whole experience makes it really fun. I think the breakfast Dan Bing and lunch dumplings were my fave. Oh all of it was delicious, I can’t decide!

  1. Google translate tells me your Chinese translation of ‘Shifen’ is, in English, ‘Very’, and that the correct Chinese is: 石粉厂
    Now, it’s not impossible that google is wrong, but it’s also not impossible that there’s a Taiwanese town called Very, since there’s a German city called ‘Eat’ and, as we learned recently, an Italian port town called ‘Cheers!’

  2. If you look at a map, you’ll find that Gwilym’s is closest. I wouldn’t bother trying to translate place names. Just think where you’d get to with Sheffield or Brown Willy (Cornwall).

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