An august August.

It’s been an age since a decent update from me. As well as enjoying what remaining sunny days we have left I’ve also been replenishing my cultural batteries with no less than 3 theatre trips this August!

Boringly but very necessary I’ve also been spending (too much) time on the computer researching website platforms, galleries and other things pertaining to my art and career. At some point I’ll wow you all with my findings! If anyone has any useful advice for a great portfolio website with shop capabilities I’d love to hear from you…I’ve been investigating Squarespace but it looks a bit pricey and samey though pretty fresh and slick.

Some 16 years after I promised myself I’d be first in line to get to Shakespear’s Globe I finally made it to a performance. And it did not disappoint! Wonderful, wonderful atmosphere that once and for all dispelled the idea of theatre being dull, exclusive and fusty…which some people still believe. My ticket was a fiver…less than a pint of London beer and a far more memorable experience. I got to see The Tempest with Roger Allam (The Thick Of It) as Prospero and a fine supporting cast. It was hilarious, sensitive and warm. A great way to spend an afternoon. The actor (BBC’s Merlin) who played Ariel was ill on my visit and the man who stepped in was new to the role, had to read from the script. You’d think it’d be a real mystery breaker but it soon blended in and the guy gave us a faultless performance backed up by everyone else who seemed to be giving their performances an extra burst of energy.

The other two plays I’ve seen were equally exciting and entertaining but It’s late and I need to hurry on. Richard II starring David Haig and A Little Hotel on the Side with Richard McCabe, Richard Wilson and many more. At one point I think there were about 20 people on stage at the Theatre Royal, Bath. The latter wins most extravagant set design. I wish I had a picture of it to show you. Head off to London if you wish to see what I mean.

Eyelids are drooping now after a very busy week working with Matt Pugh Design and visiting the re-launch of The Print Shop in Quakers Friars, Bristol in relation to a very exciting development in my life. More of which later!

I have plenty more to let you know about and to recommend so tune in for my next instalment. I’ll get some pics up when I’m feeling fresher and located my ever disappearing camera cable! 🙂

Stay well, stay safe, live life to the fullest!

Here’s a pic of some graffiti on the Bath-Bristol cycle path. Perhaps Philip French had passed by?



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