I’m not a big fan of hot chocolate but…

Last night I did a Nigella.

I couldn’t sleep a wink for the Friday ‘revellers’ outside. Of course trying to go to sleep at this point doesn’t work and all sorts of stupid ideas pop into your head. On top of this I realised I was hungry. I tried to put it out of my mind but without success. At 2am I gave up the battle and went downstairs to fix a hot chocolate which seems counter intuitive what with the sugars but I can’t stand hot milk so in it went. It’s Clipper which makes it seem ok!

Grated nutmeg, cinnamon and 4 cloves also went in and WOW it was amazing which is why I’m telling you about it in such a long winded way. It did the trick! I fell asleep calm, relaxed and sated. With a couple of store cupboard ingredients I transformed my hot chocolate into an exotic, luxurious soporific.

I’m definitely going to try this out in more refined cups (than my Property of Dartmoor Prison mug) as an accompaniment to a dessert. A dash of home made cherry brandy would elevate it even further.

Totally recommend this as it doesn’t take any longer than it would to make an ordinary, run of the mill hot chocolate.



One thought on “I’m not a big fan of hot chocolate but…

  1. And, if you use low calorie hot chocolate you can also feel virtuous. Must try on my next low calorie day, thanks. Chris

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