Runcible Spoon

The Runcible Spoon

My apologies!

It’s remiss of me not to have posted about The Runcible Spoon, Bristol, since May 2012, as I had a similarly wonderful experience there in Christmas 2012. The photos I took were of a pretty rubbish quality so I didn’t feel so compelled to share but it’s been nagging me that I’ve not said how good they were second time around.

Of course I’d like to go there every week but y’know there’s a recession an’ all that.

Blow that…

I’ve just looked at the menu and I’m going to book for the next time I go over to Brizz and I’ll invite some people from the Shire.

Runcible Spoon

Christmas Dinner at The Runcible Spoon

So it’s a long while since Christmas even if the weather today is as gloomy as December and my memory is almost as hazy  but luckily I’ve trawled my email history to remind myself of exactly what I ate all those months ago. I know it was delicious, cooked with finesse and beautifully arranged and now I know that it was:

Beetroot soup, homemade yoghurt + chives with Runcible Sourdough

** *

Gloucester Old Spot pork, pistachio and prune terrine + kohlrabi and apple remoulade

** *

Roast loin of venison, haggis, swede puree + Laphroaig jus

Served with roast potatoes + seasonal local vegetables

** *

Quince in apple brandy, plum pudding + clotted cream

(or this one…maybe RG and I shared??)

Bitter chocolate, chestnut and cherry torte + caramel ice cream 

Isn’t that enough?? 

My mouth is watering at the memory and I’m drifting back there…. mmmmm Laphroaig Jus…… The menu, to me, reads like poetry.

So as we were a party of about 9 and with it being a busy season with more than one Christmas party already installed we were seated downstairs in the basement which was twinkly and cosy looking, just right for the season. I do remember that a couple of our party were seated in a draft from the chimney and weren’t quite so comfortable but I was fine* and not so easily put off having a good time.

Having pre-ordered as encouraged to do so, it meant that service was prompt and mostly all at once, no mean feat for a full restaurant. There were just the right amount of time between courses so that we were able to greedily anticipate the next course and recover from the taste sensation of the previous. I chose some pretty rich plates but they were well balanced and well sized so that at the end of the menu I was replete but not stuffed, satisfied but not sated.

The list above is what I chose but there were plenty more options that all screamed pick me! Pick me! As with last time it was with the finishing touches of the home made truffles and shortbread which I was almost too full to enjoy, which sets the Runcible Spoon above other restaurants. That’s not to say that’s the only thing they’re good at, far from it! Every dish is both inventive and classic.

I’m now going to pick up the ‘phone, corral some discerning foodies and invite them to The Runcible Spoon. You should too. It’s been too long.

Roast loin of venison, haggis, swede puree + Laphroaig jus
Roast loin of venison, haggis, swede puree + Laphroaig jus
A cosy Christmas dinner with friends at The Runcible Spoon
A cosy Christmas dinner with friends
Gloucester Old Spot pork, pistachio and prune terrine + kohlrabi and apple remoulade at The Runcible Spoon
Gloucester Old Spot pork, pistachio and prune terrine + kohlrabi and apple remoulade

~Photo credits Initforthehoney (Copyright 2012) The featured image is from The Runcible Spoon’s website

~ I’m an independent customer, not affiliated to the RS. My views are based on my dining experiences there are as a paying customer. I’m looking forward to my next visit. Have you seen the menu? Support the independents!

*My only slight criticism regarding this meal was that given that we had booked the Christmas menu there was little in the way of seasonal decoration on display. I imagine the RS team were keeping tackiness at bay but this year I hope to see some more festivity about the place. Luckily the food triumphed!


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