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7 Good LONDON Things

  1. ‘A Crisis of Brilliance’ at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Crossing London from leafy Crouch End to positively verdant and pastoral Dulwich took a while but we had the best ever view of Battersea Power Station and a fantastic lunch at the gallery. Weather awful but inside, a bright view of the bright young students at The Slade from 1912 and their journey from draughtsmen and copyists from antiquity to messengers from the front of World War I.
  2. Brighter Later Presents at the Buffalo Bar on Upper Street: Deep Men, The Night Jars and Gentlemen. Rocking on a Wednesday night with vigour and vim and raising £1000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
  3. Street Feast. With all the chatter about street food being the best a gastronaut can get at the moment I caught a variety of trains and buses to get down to Street Feast at Merchants Yard, Kingsland Rd. Just round the corner from Haggerston station the sun burst forth onto a former timber yard, transformed for the weekend into a mini food festival. Wow and WOW again! Approximately 15 little food trucks and stalls serving delights from across the globe. Hard to choose as you can imagine but  I made a good choice from the Vinn Goute stall from the Seychelles. A wrap filled with roasted peppers, crunchy fish goujons and a peppery chilli mayonnaise. It was delicious, light but filling and totally tasty. Jemma had an enormous gourmet hot dog with wonderful looking gherkins but as she wolfed it before I got the chance to taste it I can’t comment on it. Totally recommend the Street Feast events, I met a family from Southend who’d travelled up especially for it. Go and try it out….but go on an empty stomach and get there for 6pm not later otherwise the crush gets annoying and the queues too long.
  4. Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan at the Wellcome Collection.
  6. Diversity: Dining and meeting with people from Azerbaijan, Italy, Sheffield who are all amazingly well travelled and informed. Fascinating dinner time conversations.
  7. The houseboats moored by Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. How I would love to own one of these for sunny evenings on the Thames, dinner parties with friends and luxury. I just need a spare £400,000-£900,000.

London Photo

Stanley Spencer Self Portrait 1912 (grabbed from here), foodie pics (me), Lion pic from the Wellcome Collection.


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