7 good things

Sept Bonnes Choses

Here’s 7 Good Things, the French edition:

  1. Boulangeries and Patisseries on every street corner! You are my nemeses with your tantalising and beautiful edible displays. The best bread in the world is made in France. It’s artisanal and under €1.
  2. You can still buy excellent wine for under €3.
  3. Strangers wish you ‘good morning’, ‘have a good afternoon’ and ‘good evening’ all of the time. It’s wonderful!
  4. Topless sunbathing is normal whether you’re 18 or 80.
  5. ‘Ooh Là Là’ is a real phrase and very useful it is too.
  6.  Same sex marriage is legal. Why isn’t it here?
  7. Nice’s Vèlo Bleu and Auto Bleu rental opportunities. Hire a bike for a day starting from €1 and cycle around 34km of Nice’s cycle paths. Shop, get fit, sightsee and drop your bike at any of the 120 handily located depots. Or rent an electric car for €8.5 an hour with everything (electricity, mileage, 24hr roadside or telephone assistance and insurance) included.

4 thoughts on “Sept Bonnes Choses

    1. Cool! Thanks Gwilym. I’m glad they’re appreciated. It’s a good way to separate them from my other posts and I think shows the simplicity of the 7 Good Things format.

  1. Along with “Oh la, la!” there’s “Op la!”, which I have used for years in face of some mirth I may say. It’s English equivalent? I can’t think of any.

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