Coming Live From…

Coming live from the sewing floor, your intrepid quilter is delighted, nay, ecstatic to announce the Japanese Quilt is finito! Fin! Finished!

Accompanied by David Sedaris, The News Quiz, Daft Punk and Marina and The Diamonds on the stereo, I launched onto the home run this afternoon and have enjoyed every tiny stitch. My middle finger has a few holes in it from not wearing a thimble and there is literally some blood and tears invested in the quilt…(thankfully no sweat though)! It’s only 1 drip if blood, caused by slamming my palm down onto a perpendicular needle and just a few tears, from watching Shaun of The Dead the other night whilst sewing. Yeah…. A real weepy, I know! Hahahahahahahahah.

Here are some pics of progress and the finished piece. Some of which I may have already posted.

Now I know that a classy quilt is often admired for the technical skill demonstrated but I hate, HATE, measuring, numbers and rulers so yes, there are a few minor puckers and wrinkles but this quilt, my first non log cabin quilt, is a celebration of the lovely fabrics I bought in Chichester a year ago and done for fun. I love it and have loved making it.

It’s noted by quilters, I think, that the creation of a quilt, because of the time it takes, will hold many memories. It’s certainly true in this one. The sashiko thread was bought in York at the quilting museum, the fabrics bought with a friend in Chichester at a particularly trying but ultimately liberating time, the Paris map fabric reminds me of when me, Matt and Dad went there in 1998 in the snow and one of the nicest memories is the time spent on Skype asking Devon Country Diary how to do it all!






Now I’ve got to tidy up!




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