7 Good Things

7 Good Things

Last week I introduced my new 7 Good Things weekly post. Imagine unexpectedly bumping into a friend and you only have time to catch up quickly, so this post is my way of highlighting some great things without having to write an essay on each if them.

This week my 7 Good Things are :

  • Discovering the sleek Bath – Bristol cycle path at Bitton
  • On the same day enjoying a 3 mile walk around the Golden Valley culminating in a hearty supper at The Swan in Swineford.
  • Untouchable. A French film from 2012 chronicling a chapter of a mans life in his search for a carer and the surprises the new relationship brings. As with Le Havre, which I saw last week, the colouring in this film is very beautiful and there are plenty of laughs and warmth despite the difficult circumstances the two men live with.
  • The smart new website from Matt Pugh Design
  • 50 Fabulous Frocks at Bath Fashion Museum.
  • My canvas arriving from Jackon’s Art Supplies. Now I can crack on with all those paintings I’ve been dreaming about.
  • Being brought an early morning cup of tea for the first time ever from my bf of 3 years.
Recognise this dress? Take a close look and if it doesn’t ring any bells look at the image futher down below for the answer.



Mr & Mrs Clark & Percy by David Hockney. Image nabbed from the Tate’s website. Now you recognise the dress!

Full photos credits and formatting to follow on Saturday.






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