7 Good Things

7 Good Things

  1. Le Havre. A 2011 film by Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki set in the French port town of Le Havre. A tale of community and compassion with an unusual Film Noire-esque atmosphere.
  2. Stereopsis.com  F.lux: Software which dims and colours your computer screen in the evening to reduce disruption to your circadian clock.
  3. Ian Rankin’s The Complaints. New character, D.I Malcolm Fox replaces Rebus for Rankin’s latest books featuring hardboiled Scottish detectives.  Set in the complaints dept. It’s D.I Fox’s job to investigate within the force. Intrigue and thrills a-plenty.
  4. Learning how to make velvety Crème Anglaise from Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo.
  5. Discovering prosecco with Chambord liqueur as an apéritif. 
  6. Great customer service from this company selling canvas & stretcher bars.
  7. Finding Rich’s choc stash.

7 good things

Picture credits. rachelkhoo.com, Wikipedia, ianrankin.net


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