A Winter Waterworld

If Kevin Costner and Co. wanted to make a sequel to the 1995 apocalyptic film Waterworld then it could be set right here in Devon with little call for a special effects team. I know the rest of the UK is suffering similar weather but it seems so much harder to deal with in the countryside where I prefer to be outside as much as possible. I know I’m normally the first to quip, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’ but I haven’t got a full rubber suit with me so it is bad.

The journey down was disrupted and delayed with trains cancelled from Paddington to Exeter. Trains weren’t going further than Taunton but there were plenty of buses lined up ready to take passengers further into the Westcountry. I had planned to wait for Matt but after an hour I got cold so I jumped on a coach which promptly left for Exeter.

This is my favourite photo of this holiday and one which I plan to do a painting from as it totally sums up the colours and sights of this week.


It wasn’t plain ‘sailing’ once we’d reached Exeter either. Matt was only a half hour behind me but it took all that time for mum and dad to reach us; as the road to Crediton was flooded in a few places we had to go back via Okehampton. A very long way round!

Since being at home we have not wanted for food nor drink so despite missing the the Scribbles in the Sand crew it has felt like a pretty normal Christmas. Less people yes, especially as Nan Barbara couldn’t get down here either but merry all the same. We even managed a trip to the seaside today. Our first day with sunshine! Everything looked glorious and colours bright after so many grey days.

The beach was busy with families similarly wanting to get out and enjoy the rays. Dog walkers with every breed of hound were out and a few tough souls with kite boards and windsurf boards were taking advantage of the strong wind and getting up some good speeds. We weren’t as brave as the Christmas swimmers who plunged into the waters at Exmouth on Christmas Day though.

Tomorrow we have booked to see The Hobbit. We tried to go on Christmas Eve but the projector at the cinema broke. I hope there are no problems tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. Well be watching it in plain old 2D.

Here’s some of the delicious food we have been enjoying all cooked by Devon Country Diary.

Black Forest Gateau and a version of a salad niçoise (which auto corrects to salad nicotine!) with salmon over tuna. We been treated to all kinds of foodie delights which i know certain cheese lovers over in Taiwan would be pretty jealous of! You may have had cheese in quantity but we’ve been putting away, hard goats cheese from Quickes Farm, Yarg from Darts Farm, cambozola, austrian smoked cheese and Jahlsberg to name just the few I can remember. Qin from over the road has made us some delicious looking dumplings and spring rolls which we plan to take home with us.

Bed-wards now but more to follow. I’ve got a lot to catch up on. Now that I’ve given all my Christmas crafting away i can let the wider world in on the secret. Of course it ended up being a tight deadline so I’ve only photographed half of it which is a shame.

There’s an owl outside. It’s quite eerie but pleasant over all to know that it’s there.








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