Mellow Autumn

Here’s a round up of some things I have done this Autumn.

I think I first felt the seasons’ change most keenly when I was at Borough Market early in October. The stalls were packed with harvest treats and the scent of mulled wine hung in the air mixing with the grilled meats and paellas cooking, tempting and ultimately, when I bought a gourmet burger, satisfying.

Mmm! I wish I was there now. It is a great pleasure of mine to mentally plan and prepare endless feasts for people. This year i have so far failed in actually realising any of my plans but the enjoyment is as much the preparation as the execution. At Borough my taste buds were tickled and my imagination fired up. What delights you could buy! And also, what money you could spend!

Below are some photos of the fare on offer. Photo credits me, possibly Devon Country Diary (I was sharing her camera)




After a good couple of hours mostly resisting the temptation to buy… (We had other places in mind where our hard earned gold would be spent…more on that later) … And after our fill of free tasters and spiels on the authenticity of the ancient recipe or the organic credentials of so and so mushroom or Swiss cheese we made our way, via the pub, to avoid the rain storm of course, over to Whitechapel.


To a haven of artists, makers and craftspeople of all descriptions. To Atlantis!!!! I’ve mentioned Atlantis before in this blog so regular readers will know that it is neither a fish restaurant nor the hidden city under the sea. It is in fact, quite possibly, the largest artists’ materials supplier in all of Europe! How fantastic is that! If we hadn’t been on such a strict timescale we would have spent hours there. There is so much to ogle and ooh over. That is if, like me, you get breathless over stretcher frame lengths, different weaves of cotton duck and GSMs.

After much deliberation I chose a handful of oil paint colours useful for mixing or just delightful in their vibrancy made by Sennelier who are proud to announce that Van Gogh, Gaugin and many others all used Sennelier paints. No pressure there then. Though as mum pointed out they probably weren’t using the student range from which I had selected. It’s been a long time since I have bought paint and the names of them give as much delight as the colours themselves. Try saying aloud VIRIDIAN, ALIZARIN CRIMSON or CERULEAN HUE. To me it’s like an incantation. You’ll see the products of these purchases in the future. No on to other stuff.

The main reason for our trip to London was not only to see Wave Editor but to use his place as a launching point to go off to Alexandra Palace for the Knitting and Stitching Show. I can’t help but sing the name of this like they do in The Simpson’s when Itchy and Scratchy are on.

Battling our way through thousands and thousands of HRT addled women we saw many crafters whose work we would have loved to try (one day I will have a go at bead work but not lace making.)
but our goal was quilting fabrics really. And blimey, if we didn’t see an eye watering array if those. I was mean in my selection but after spending at Atlantis anything more would have resulted in my having to declare bankruptcy. I was delighted with my purchases and again you will have to wait till you see the results of my making because it is a big surprise and only halfway completed. Here’s a glimpse though:




In between excursions and crafty business I have had the pleasure of working for Matt Pugh Design and a better commute to work I can’t imagine. Here are some of the views I see on my way:







This is such a long post I’m going to publish now for fear of losing it but there is plenty more to come and I hope you’ll come back and read more in a moment.


One thought on “Mellow Autumn

  1. Good to hear from you after such a long silence, well it seems like it. How’s the other quilt going, the navy one? Can’t wait to see. There are some craft shows coming up at Westpoint, I’ll send you the details or you could look online.

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