Mellow Autumn Part Deux.

More! More! More!
Actually it seems that now I’m committing myself to remembering what I’ve done these last few months it does seem to have been a busy time.

October was indeed an excellent month for surprises as R had booked a number of surprise ‘dates’ which included a trip to the flics to see Magical Mystery Tour, a Beatles film, an excursion to Watershed to see 3D Flying Monsters (a natural history film about pterosaurs with David Battenburg), Colston Hall to see more natural history on the big screen with Discovery Channel’s preview of highlights of their forthcoming series, Wild Earth with a Q&A from the film makers and camera staff and with live musical accompaniment. This was incredible viewing and hugely enjoyable. If you already have that channel I would urge you to catch the series. It’s going to be awesome. Finally and less successfully we went to Arnolfini to see some experimental noise makers. They were noisy and they were experimental that’s all I can really say about this. I had a good time at all and it was nice to catch up with some friendly faces too.

November already and a long awaited trip to Crystal Palace was realised. I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked but here a the few that I did take.









Victorian dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park in the sunshine with an unconcerned squirrel, the view from Crystal Palace town centre, inside the studio of Jodi Jones,


Me under one of the transmitters.


A garage amongst some artists studios where we were welcomed with delicious mulled wine.

A short but sweet visit to visit friends and see fireworks. Saw the fireworks at Blackheath which is a very pretty bit of London.




So there we have it. A little round up of some of the good things which have happened this Autumn. Some very awful things have happened too but aren’t for sharing in this predominantly crafting blog. Love goes out to everyone that is coping with distressing times. Xxx







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