Good Morning!

Hi everyone!

Blogging on the kitchen floor this morning. Kisstory on the radio and the washing up done. Tea brewing.

Lets see the results of yesterday’s printmaking shall we? I hope you like! In about a week they’ll be ready for sale, editioned and signed an so on, available on my website, details of which to come next time.






So what we have here is the exposed screens ready for ink. I didn’t need to use the speedball but seeing it made me raise my eyebrows…it’s slang for a heroin/cocaine ‘cocktail’ I think so thought it deserved a little photo considering this is in a college! Readily accessible. Hehehehehe.

I mixed up what is essentially Mars Black but added some grey to soften the blackness and give it a more graphite-y colour….it still looks black but not too flat. I’ve just realised that some of the photos I took last night are on my camera so wait for me while I upload them now….back in about ten mins!

Ok….done. Last week I was rather cheeky and exposed two screens rather just one but I’m the only one doing silkscreens in my group leaving enough for other students so it should be all right. I’ve been working from 2 amazing photos of birds…. A kestrel that Rich and I saw in Penycwm and a big owl that we saw at Doncaster Wildlife Park a couple of years ago. Here are the results: (size, edition number and prize all to follow next time).





Don’t forget these all images are copyright Verity James 2012 so if you do want to share them, please remember to credit me and even better send me a quick note to say where you plan to share them. Cheers! They’re are some disreputable people out there (not you guys!).

Have a fabulous weekend!


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