My 50th Post…

All the U’s

Friday night blogging: Jazz and world music courtesy of Fip Radio , (my favourite radio station and easily found on their own website or via Tune In Radio ) complemented (?) by the cat calls and alpha male roars of revellers and freshers strutting their stuff on the street below.

So what’s new with me? Since Wales I have been busy painting and am quite pleased with my work. I have put them aside for now in order to revisit them, my paintings, and look at them later with a freshly critical eye. I find this technique useful and can often spot what has been bothering me about a picture and will then set about fixing it. I started small but have prepared some larger canvas boards and will attack these this coming week. I promise to show you the results. By the by, I have a new Time Lapse App that i’m tempted to use whilst painting but am worried that all it will do is highlight how much time i spend staring out the window! It’s another thing to waste time with so i’ll try to get some painting done before i start playing around with it.

Waves at sunset, acrylic on board. The photo of this is rather poor and doesn’t show the brightness of the colours. This is my favourite painting of the set that I did middle of september and i won’t be messing around with this one trying to make it better. It’s the first time I’ve used purple in a painting. It’s normally a colour I steer clear of.

Here are a couple of the smaller pictures I made a couple of weeks ago, immediately on my return from Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Newgale Beach
Newgale Beach, Acrylic on canvas board.
A study in purple
A study in purple, acrylic on canvas board.
A study in caramel
A study in caramel, acrylic on board.
Tide In, Solva Harbour
This one definitely needs some re-working, I don’t mind admitting! I loved it until i painted the boats. Incidently, i was listening to Our Man in Jamaica by Marcy Kahan, a fictionalised set of events in which Noel Coward is a spy. It was great but possibly too diverting based on these results!

So that’s them, but I’m also treating you to the first look at the results of day one of my printmaking! I’m one of the few that know where the letterpress letters are hidden and was dearly hoping that an enterprising member of staff hadn’t sold them off for mega profit, but my luck was in and the wooden type is still there! I set about choosing a fancy set of vowels (as fancy as Bath College affords) and inking them up with water based black ink. I stuck with vowels in this first instance to limit my choices and experiment with the patterns that these few shapes can give me. Of course I was tempted to spell out my name!

I’ve printed the letters onto (free) cartridge paper in order to photocopy them onto acetate and am just building up my own library of letters for now. In later weeks I shall turn the results of this into fully fledged silkscreen prints! I also plan to print the inked up letters directly onto draughtsman’s paper, as i’m concerned I may lose the spontaneity of creating an image all at once with the fear of it going wrong ever present. This I will expose directly to a silkscreen prepared with photo sensitive emulsion…rather than arranging the acetate layers on the light box. This isn’t very well explained but as the weeks go by I’ll make it clearer and illustrate it with photos too. Hopefully both ways work! It’s all about experimenting and having a go isn’t it?

I don’t know what’s happened with the formatting of this post. It’s all over the place! Sorry! Here’s some more letter pics for all you typophiles…

Letterpress vowels, printed and the ink with roller. Hard roller for water based inks, soft roller for oil based inks.
The printed paper on the drying racks. Lovely!

10 thoughts on “My 50th Post…

  1. The caramel painting does indeed look very good, as Gwil says. The acid test is of course to see it in the flesh and I look forward to doing that. Keep painting, you’re a winner! (Not a Michael Winner, that is…)

    1. If you click on the pictures they do come up bigger. Didn’t want to have them too big or else it shows up the flaws! Or I was trying to avoid them being copied….am being extra sensitive since recent battles have come to light.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence though! 🙂

  2. Verity! I haven’t come to visit your blog for a while and now I see that you are working with letterpress! That’s fantastic! x

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