me in a boat


St Justinian's RNLI hut.
Looking out into Ramsay Sound.




Oh yeah!

Yep! Rich and I went to Wales and we saw porpoises swimming in Ramsay Sound, Pembrokeshire. Not only did we see these, we were lucky enough to see Shags, Choughs, Seals with their pups, a kestrel, oyster catchers, a gannet, fulmars (Rich saw the fulmars i didn’t have my glasses on and they were too well camouflaged) and plenty of other marine and bird life we weren’t able to identify even with Rich’s I-Spy The Coastline book.

We had a fantastic holiday, a much needed holiday and a sunny holiday. We enjoyed freshly dressed crab with white wine on Solva harbour (where Rich also ate his weight in Whelks), we treated ourselves to cod ‘n’ chips at St Davids after our exhilarating boat ride around Ramsay and we had a picnic of marinated ribs and chicken pieces on the beach at Penycwm. I also had a few Welsh Cakes because I love them. Oooh and I tried lava bread again with much more satisfaction than the first time I had it. On this occassion, Rich mixed it with oats and formed it into patties to fry, he served it with bacon and baked beans. I can now see the appeal of it whereas last time i believed it to be the most repellent ‘food’ ever conceived. I recommend it mixed with the oats if you ever want to try it. It’s packed with all kinds of goodness I’m told.

Here are a few pictures of our exploits with more to follow as I’m able to upload them.

Dressed crab and whelks overlooking the delightful Solva Harbour. Would’ve been improved if we’d packed wine glasses.


Me on the boat looking out towards the Bitches and Whelps, a terrifying ‘water feature’ in Ramsay Sound.
My towny feet needed shoes to get around in the pebbly beach.
me in a boat
Riding the ocean waves in the SS Gunby.

4 thoughts on “Wales

    1. Rich went in more than me this time. He always looked like he was having so much fun that i did brave it and had a really good time once I was in. I was quite smug in the end as everyone else on the next beach was in wetsuits. We spent a full hour playing in the waves. The water is very clear there and a beautiful colour.

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