Bristol Highlights Week Ending 19.08.2012

A busy week it was.

Thunder storms, torrential rain, too hot nights.
Broken computer, broken TV. Old fashioned fun with the record player and picking blackberries at the allotment. Surprise meeting with a friend who lives in L.A. Impromptu supper with another friend; bangers and mash with onion gravy. Watching first episodes of The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin with Leonard Rossiter. Excruciatingly stress inducing. Funny.

More rain. More rain. More rain. Stayed up late to try and catch the Perseids but cloud, coldness and conditions were against us. Sunday lunch at The Beehive on Wellington Hill West. Great price! £12.95 for three courses.





Good service, great staff, excellent presentation, smart decor. Very good value for money. Will definitely go back.

More rain, more rain more rain. Plants drowning, sunflower snapped. Fun making pop up birthday card and drawing Georgian architectural features.



What else? Matt and Mo visit! Hooray! Sunshine!
Early evening home cooked tandoori supper with dhal and pickles galore (Perhaps Rich ought do a guest post on his recipes?). Number 76 over to St. Augustins Parade, a walk over Queen’s Square and over the road to Brunel’s Passenger Shed for ‘Mail, Maps and Motion’ an audio visual event making advantage of the unique setting with Len Lye films, GPO films, specially created live iPad art and finally, incredible projections from Anti VJ of moving frames and shapes to a live soundtrack created by Adrian Utley (Portishead), John Parish {note from me….will add the rest when I’ve double checked who was involved in order to credit them properly.}
Fab, for a free (not the rip off cans of lager!), diverting and different Friday night! Thanks to PSM Media and Watershed and all those involved with putting it together and making it happen. drinks at The Reckless Engineer afterwards to catch up.

Saturday 18th. See No Evil 2012, Nelson street. Smell of spray paint low in the air, excitement-high. Much to take in, sun bright, sound systems booming, cider flowing, getting lost in the crowd. Time out at The Ostrich with Selena. Bounced big on Sacrilege at College Green.









Back to base for curry redux and early night.
Sunday: breakfast of champions at Cafe Lazz (Turkish omelette and fresh orange juice in the garden), back into town for river taxi to Hotwells and back again. Waved goodbye to Matt and Mo, enjoyed late evening sunshine again on College Green until Swandown at Watershed. More on that later.






3 thoughts on “Bristol Highlights Week Ending 19.08.2012

  1. The photographs are wonderful and the murals and whatever are terrific. I do hope the materials used for the bigger projects, and the preparation of the surfaces, were done thoroughly, otherwise the work will deteriorate rapidly, especially in our climate in UK. A very good ‘post’.

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