August Already Arrived!

Yikes! August already? I’m sure I probably say this every month (inserting appropriate month of course)
It certainly felt like Summer today, yet I stayed indoors! I had promised myself a full day of drawing and I’m delighted to say I stuck at it. All day. I did some more pictures of Bath, learning all the time and enjoying looking at the architectural details. I’m going for a fairly straight, representational style until I feel confident to break away from that and into a more personal style.

I have lots of projects and plans for these drawings and am impatient to get to the end of all this preparatory work. Must put in the graft first though. Groan…. 😄

Here’s a pic to give you a sneek peak of what I’m up to…
…..Ho Ho Ho! Well this is embarrassing! I’ve not photographed it yet but here’s a pic of a doodle for a t Shirt design for Talk Easy language school . I don’t think they’re going to use it but I think it’s cute! I’ve done some other designs for them so hopefully they will see something else they like and choose one. I’ve had great fun thinking about this project today. It’s a challenge to work out how best to convey the message in a bold yet wearable design. With promotional t shirts you do want your customer to wear it out of choice rather than just when it’s laundry day so I’ve tried to combine a fun design along with all the relevant info.



Earlier in the week I visited Bristol City Museum where they have an Artist Room exhibition of 4 American artists. The exhibition is Raw Materials and work from Jenny Holzer, Bruce Nauman, Lawrence Weiner and Ed Ruscha is on display. It’s a small exhibition but great reminder of how much I like some of these artists’ work and how many American artists would be on my top 25 of favourite artists. That’s an idea! I shall compile a list in my next post and you can see if you agree or disagree….though there’s no wrong answer because it’s my list of my favourite artists! You can just see wether you would have included them on your list! Feel free to comment with your Top 5 artists.

And on Wednesday I got grimy at The Fleece watching The Creepshow, The Peacocks and a couple of other Rockabilly style bands that I don’t know the name of. The main band we went to see were on at 8pm unbeknownst to me and my fellow rock clients, so we missed them. As it was such an early start it meant an early finish and I unexpectedly found myself back in Bath, in bed at midnight, cup of tea in hand and ears ringing only slightly. Not necessarily a bad thing but I was hoping for a bit more abandonment, sweat and dancing. Perhaps another time then.

Nighty night from me. I promise to post more regularly. Keep reading…


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