July: What Verity Did continued…

So as I was saying in the previous but one post, July has been very busy indeed with day trips and longer trips. Here are my photos from York which I’ve tweaked a little to bring up the white balance as they seemed so miserably grey!

We had another wet day but I was happy to explore and it has not dampened my spirit to go back there another time. At the quilt museum I bought some Sashiko thread which was an unnecessary indulgence but one which I have put to good use already in highlighting some of the details on my Japanese/European Quilt which is still very much in the making stages.

We arrived in York at approximately 10.30 in the morning, parked at the Micklegate entrance to the city and stopped for hot refreshment at a tiny cafe which I think was at the junction of Wellington Row and Station Road judging from an aerial shot from Google maps. Sadly I can’t remember the name but we won’t forget about our drinks. It was very cute and comfy and served excellent coffee and hot chocolate with the best frothed milk artwork I’ve seen in a long time.

Here’s some pics to keep you interested…



From there we headed toward the Minster and popped into the City Art Gallery and enjoyed an exhibition themed around Art and Music. Inquire like these exhibitions because they bring pictures to your attention that you might normally ignore. For me, the highlight of this particular exhibition were 2 Andy Warhol Marylin Monroe silkscreen prints which surprised me. You see them reproduced everywhere but in the flesh the colours are astounding! I’m quite jaded by his imagery now but as I say, these two looked fabulous and really took you to the heart of what he was saying about mass production, advertising and celebrity image making.

In another room of the gallery they had 2 porcelain works by an artist called Philip Eglin (born 1959). It’s great! I can’t pinpoint what it makes me think of so I took these photos to mull it over and to find out more about the artist. You can’t tell from the photo but in the crucified Jesus piece there is a glowing image on his chest. It is David Bechkam’s face. Porcelain is very fine, can be fired to a very high temperature and even when almost transparent is still very strong. Philip Eglin has made use of all these qualities and been able to illuminate from inside the piece this image. It is ghostly and quirky.



After that we had a soggy walk around the Minster and a quick look inside. Stopped for lunch at Guy Fawkes Inn. Decorated with chocolate brown walls and smoke ‘damaged’ ceilings it was lit only by candles and gas lamps. A bizarrely cozy place to go on a July day. I had pork and thyme meatballs in a creamy garlic sauce on tagliatelle. Very pleasant. Lighter tasting than your usual meatballs and pasta dish. I was forced to share a chocolate brownie and lucky that I was, for it was delicious. Real hot chocolate sauce, not squeezy bottle rubbish, that even some ‘top’ restaurants use, hazelnuts and an airy texture made this a very good brownie indeed.





After lunch we headed along the Shambles and headed past Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate (who wouldn’t want an address like that!!!!?) to the Quilt Museum.



There’s loads to do in York but you must visit the quilt museum if you can it’s fab. It shows contemporary quilts which aren’t really my thing…I prefer quilts from history which is why I enjoyed the exhibition at the American Museum in Britain (in Bath) but never the less, the skills and techniques utilised in these art pieces were pretty awe inducing. They change their displays around 4 times a year to keep the quilts looking their best. I saw a collection by the European Quilting Guild or some such. My 2 favourite pieces were by an Italian, closely followed by one called My Grandmother Like Handicrafts from Finland. oh yeah and I loved the Hungarian one too. It was blue threads on linen. You can get the gist of it in the picture below. The other close ups are older quilts in the collection. It’d be great to photograph the European quilts but it was verboten






Finally here’s some pics of Duttons for Buttons. Are you Duttons for Buttons? I am!
Hope you enjoyed this post. I loved visiting York and will definitely head back there when I can.




2 thoughts on “July: What Verity Did continued…

  1. A very good set of pictures despite the wet weather in York. Nice composition, or neat and successful cropping “post production”. Either way a good set to go with the account of the trip.

  2. Totally desperate to visit York now!!! I’m really regretting traveling straight through on a train and not hopping off for an explore. Next time I’m in the UK, it’s on the list!

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