It’s Sunny! So What Did I Do Today?

I stayed in and had a go at using up scraps to make these sweet little business card* holders. Of course you can keep your own in there or have one spare for when you receive someone else’s. I think that person would be quite chuffed if they saw you put their card in such a case rather than fold it into your breast pocket.

*or put your credit and debit cards in it, Oyster cards or cafe loyalty cards….whatever you like that’s a similar size.





I made 3. And yes, everyone I know will be getting one for Christmas or their birthday or if they invite me round for dinner. For the patterns I chose the simplest looking after searching ‘how to sew a business card holder’. For your reference I used this tutorial and took inspiration from this one for the red suede one. I’d have loved to bought some felt but it would have deviated from my initial goal to make something without buying anything first. Have a go! If I can do it….you can definitely do it! See more ideas on


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