Here Comes The Rain Again

Bath is lovely! lovely lovely lovely! I’m mostly very happy to live here. I’ve been longing to go to the Bertinet Bakery Cafe since it opened in the old Chadni Chowk shop and this week, I did! We had to wait a little for a table but that was ok as it gave me good time to choose what I wanted from the chalkboard menu.


Rich had a bucket of Bertinet bread which when it arrived I was pretty envious of. He’s nice so he shared it with me once I had finished my abrocotine (auto correct swaps this sweet pastry into ‘atrocities’ which changes the sense of the sentence rather doesn’t it!). The bread was an excellent choice and the jam the best I have tasted. Nice and tart as it should be.


My abrocotine was good with giant juicy apricots on top but I was little disappointed by the dough which was breadier than I was expecting. Tant pis! I had a chocolate indulgence that more than made up for this minor quibble. A bowl of frothed milk with a chocolate cube on a swizzle stick, that is indulgence!




There was an interesting collection of magazines on offer to read and I recommend you look out for Fire & Knives. A nicely produced foodie publication with excellent graphics, styling and writing. At £9 odd it’s more than Bella magazine but there’s a lot more to it than Bella and you’d happily read it again. For younger people, children, there was Anorak. Again, pricey, but inventive, fun and loads of content.


So, we both enjoyed our breakfast there and It’d be pretty nice to go there everyday. There’s too many lovely places to go to in Bath. I’d be bankrupt if I indulged cafe living like Carrie, Samantha et al do.

After that we tried to get tickets for Frankenstein at the Little Theatre Cinema but it was totes sold out so on we headed to Holburne Museum because Rich had not yet seen the new, much discussed, extension. The exhibition we wanted to see featured a head by Ron Mueck and other figurative sculpture on loan from all over. Ancient Greek heads, a waxwork of Henry Moore and other bits in between. The Holburne’s temporary exhibitions are bloody expensive and only housed in one small room. It’ll have to be something very special indeed to get me to go again. After that the heavens opened yet again and we had to dive into the Salamander for shelter but it was nice and cosy in there and in the end I was happy.

All in all, a lovely day in the city I live in. I just hope this weather improves soon. It’s ridiculous!






5 thoughts on “Here Comes The Rain Again

    1. Sorry Avis! Hope you found something to nibble on 😃. I’m patchworking this weekend…inspired….or guilted into it after seeing your blog and how busy you’ve been. Photos to follow!

  1. Ive been to this art gallery haven’t I?

    That food is making me salivate although the blur effect is a bit heavy handed and makes me wonder if I haven’t got cataracts.

    1. I’m not sure if you have… Was it when you visited Bath just before going to Taiwan? Good cake and cafe? The gallery I do remember visiting with you is the Victoria Gallery.
      Maybe yo should go to opticians…..I don’t use a blur effect…😉

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