Hello Again!

You know when there’s too much you wanna do you hardly seem to get round to doing it? Well that’s what I’ve been battling with lately. I suppose you call the problem the Art of Prioritising. Well, to me they’re all as important as each other at the moment so I’ve been doing a little of a lot.

I had a fantastic holiday in Devon with family Gunby, AKA The Paparazzi. I find it very easy to switch off on holiday so the list of stuff seems a little longer. I had 2 fat books with me plus 11 fun and lively people to make the 7 days fly by all too fast. Weather was pretty poor as I imagine most of us have been experiencing but we did get 2.5 beach days. See my pictures in the previous post. I was even switched off enough not to take many pics so the post is mostly photos of flowers and inanimates.

So what have I been doing? Bits and bobs. A lot of tidying and cleaning it seems. But happily I am making progress with decorating my bedroom. Here’s a couple of pics of the BEFORE stage. You’ll have to wait till I’ve finished and got it tidied up till the AFTER photos. Obviously!!




And here’s some pictures of me making the most of my long hair. Whenever I get the urge to have my hair cut I find that it tends to make itself look lovely just as if it was crying out not to be chopped into little bits. Weird! So here’s me playing with curlers and accessories.



Today’s hairdo does NOT deserve a photo. Right! I’m off to eat my homemade leek and potato soup as a late lunch. Bye for now. More posts to follow. Got lots of plans to fulfil (especially the Japanese quilt that i started months ago) Keep reading!


8 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. Lively posting. I look forward to seeing the “after” pictures of the redecorated bedroom. Also some Michael Andrewsy paintings of Bath, perhaps, in due course.

  2. Hi again! Thank you so much fo the lovely comment about my quilt. Your blog has disappeared off my reader (along with many others) so it has been difficult to keep up to date with my favourites. I’ll keep an eye out for your future posts. It will be interesting to watch your decorating progress 🙂 Avis x

    1. Hi Avis!
      Yeah I think WordPress have changed things around a bit and it’s not as easy as it was to see the blogs you follow. I’ve lost my faves too. They’re probably around somewhere 🙂

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