North London Life

You know that song? From Paris to Berlin? Well try From Berlin to London via Shoscombe! Not such a ring to it but I can assure you it’s a wild ride.

Yup. This weekend I was in leafy North London where the living is easy, like Sunday, everyday. Well it is if you have a long weekend in the sunshine. I started my London life with a Turkish breakfast from the Palace cafe. Delicious but you must try the equivalent at Cafe Lazz in Bristol if you are ever on the Gloucester Road as it’s a little bit better (for the same price too). Sorry…that’s probably rather controversial but they’re both great so don’t hate me for my opinion. Thankfully the Hipster count is: Low, Mums with expensive buggies: High, Opportunities for s’leb spotting supposedly Super High but the likes of Lauren, Caitlin, Simon, Bernard, Dave and the rest were not out or about in the midday sun (according to one website: Crouch End area has more famous local people than just about anywhere else in London.) Well I didn’t see or recognise anyone! Apologies to all those in London who I stared at myopically trying to figure out if you were once in Eastenders, Casualty or a Guardian journalist.

Here are some photos of the area looking great in the evening sunshine:

Sunshine Everyday in Crouch End courtesy of contemporary stained glass artist Flora Jamieson.
Alexandra Palace Park
Alexandra Palace Park. Late evening sunshine.
Trees in London
Trees in London
Hipsters' Bikes but no Hipsters in attendance.
Hipsters’ Bikes but no Hipsters in attendance.
Red lorry, yellow lorry, green!
Red lorry, yellow lorry, green!
The Shard
The Shard. See St Pauls to the right? Mini!
I love Blue plaques.
I love Blue plaques.
Sunshine on a sunny day at ATP
Sunshine on a sunny day at ATP. Finally found some Hipsters!

So, although culture was high on my list of things to do in London it was secondary to designing myself a new business card and website (of which I shall upload the details very soon).

I did go to the National Portrait Gallery (I love the Tudor paintings there) but mostly my time was spent infront of a lovely Mac….don’t know what model. Bye for now….lunch beckons!


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