Busy Bee, Cultural Crow

How do the professionals do it? How do they update their blogs many times a day and live their lives?

Well these last few days I’ve been feeling the guilt of not keeping this up to date in spite of doing lots of interesting fun things that I’d like to write and tell you about. Apologies To G-Unit and L Jizzle for always nagging them for updates.

So April. So far away it seems. Cold, dark but dry. I managed to get out a bit and saw:

  • The American Museum in Bath
  • Jeremy Hardy and Barry Cryer doing their stand-up
  • Went to North Cornwall
  • Watched Andy Council work on his latest commission. Here’s more on his Flickr page. Enjoy!
  • Saw Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra ‘do’ Carmina Burana conducted by Owain Arwel Hughes.
Andy working on his Zionaceratops.

And in May I started off the month by ‘performing’ as Chris Lowe at a friends exhibition preview night. Not something I imagined to be as scary as it turned out to be. Next time I will put in more preparation and make a mask you can actually see the features of and oh…include eyeholes, though at this point I was very happy just to close my eyes and wait for the extended remix to finish. Apologies for bad sound quality….

Urrrr what else did I do in May… ( i may have done more than this and am sure I did but I can’t rememeber everything!

  • Saw Stewart Lee at Bristol Hippodrome
  • Tried Guru, new Indian restaurant on Gloucester Road, formerly the Old Fox pub
  • Went to Berlin (see separate post on this)
  • Going to a talk by PR maestro Lynn Franks
  • Going to see Henry V
  • Going to London to do a bit more culture and hopefully get creative with Matt Rock.

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