Berlin Part 1

Guten Abend!

Wilkommen to In ihm fur das honig!

There is not a foreign city I have visited as many times as Berlin but I still feel as though I am only scraping the surface of what it has to offer. Museums alone could take well over a month, theatre, opera and revues another week or two, exploring bars, beers and foody delights could be infinitesimal.

There’s obviously loads more Berlin has that I’ve not squeezed into those categories but i want to get on and upload pictures so you can see some of the stuff (ancient works of art, massive mammals and ornate architecture and so on) that I saw.

The Victory Column. Lots of wars fought. Lots of peoples defeated. Pretty in the sunshine though.

walking man

Ein mann. Walking along deserted streets on Himmelfahrt/Vatertag. Ascension Day and Father’s Day respectively. This particular Vater got bought an asparagus lunch.

Living in Hell?


A Panorama as seen from top deck of the number 200 bus.

Weihenstephan Tradional Dunkel beer (halb) at Hackescher Markt on a sunny afternoon. Treat!

Here are some of the ticket stubs and ephemera collected in my 3 days in Berlin. A useful reminder of where I went.

  • To the Markisches Museum near Jannowitzbruke and the river Spree to see collected artifacts, coins, weaponry, music players and room set-ups giving an impression of Berlin and the area through the ages. My favourite items in this museum were the ceramic tea cups with a special lip to protect massive Kaiser Moustaches and the mesh moustache guards.

  • To the Altes National Gallery (I think) and the Bode Museum
  • To the Komische Opera to see The Abduction From the Seraglio by Mozart. A bang up to date version with a few changes to make the modernisation to work. Very violent, very graphic. Directed by Cailxto Bieito (Catalan) who is the Tarantino of opera it seems. Not for the faint of heart but very engaging. If you go to Berlin do get tickets to the Komische Oper as it looks like all their productions are similarly enjoyable. With a Berlin Welcome Card you get 25% off your ticket price.
Inside the opera
The stage and chandelier bathed in pink light
See what I mean about it being ‘modern’?
Theatre Royal Bath, Not.