Fresh and Clean is Best

If you are avid readers, checking in every hour, you may have noticed me trying out different WordPress themes. Eagle-eyed out there will shout ‘no change!’. It’s because I’ve gone back to my original format using the Fresh and Clean theme. The others were just not right.

I’ve got loads to blog about (aren’t i a show off!) but haven’t decided where to start and as a result haven’t done anything at all. A bit of a running theme at the moment. Plus Draw Something has started taking over. Gwilym! You are annoying me for introducing me to this game and even more annoying that you don’t play it with me anymore. If i was a conspiratorially minded i might begin to wonder if you had a secret job getting me to buy loads of apps.

Blogging does take up a lot of time doesn’t it? And of course you want yours to be the best and most elegant. This week I’ve seen pro bloggers writing about What Scares Me, or What I’m Afraid Of or similar. Anyway…all the bloggers i love all get ‘stage fright’ and envy at all the other amazing creatives out there so i should just GET ON WITH IT. It’s good to have goals and ideals but not if they are set so high as not to be able to reach them.

I could continue and I could even get round to the actual blogging bit about Fun Stuff I Have Done BUT I have just realised that it is Saturday and Saturday at 9pm in Britain is not about going out and getting ‘slizzard’ (Thank you Far East Movement for introducing this word into my parlance) or slizarrrrrrdd as they say round theze partz. It’s not about going to the theatre or out to the latest restaurant opening. And it’s certainly not for spending more time at my oh so slow laptop. Nope. It’s about settling down with the awful Saga and her suffering Danish colleague Martin  he’s recovering from a vasectomy and then re-recovering from a kick to his nuts and she’s a pain to be with) Whilst here in the UK we have had our first sunshine in over a month, in The Bridge we are still under a canopy of snow, death and serial murders and abductions. It’s great!

Yikes! It’s on. I must go. byeeee. More later i promise 🙂


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