En Plein Air

Well, en le Citroen Picasso really but the weather remained too windy to paint right outside. As promised here are my paintings. They are postcard size so they are quite tiddly. Now that I’m back in the house I’m painting on a bigger size canvas but this is what I did in New Polzeath and Bude whilst parked up.


They are all acrylic on canvas board. When the new pics are done I’ll put them up for your appraisal too.

I’ve been using Windsor and Newton Galleria paints which are nicely fluid so you don’t have to work them too hard. They’re not for heavy impasto work but if you are using them as hesitantly as I am…..as thin as watercolours they’re perfect for the job. Once I’m used to handling paint again I might splash out and get other colours and different makes.

And if i do do that then i shall certainly make a trip to Atlantis! It’s one of my favourite shops and its to be found in East London. I can spend hours in there! And many virtual thousands of pounds as they have 2 warehouse sized floors of artists materials. What’s great about them is that they stock lots of different makes that other art shops don’t tend to give shelf space to. Check out an example of what I mean here on their website Atlantis Art

And here are some pics from their website to tempt you to visit.





7 thoughts on “En Plein Air

    1. I photographed them with my camera with the macro setting. It’s my blog formatting that gives them the nice rounded edges that might be why they look like they were created on the computer.

  1. The size of these paintings on the screen is more or less “postcard” and I think you could aim to produce a small set of such postcards for sale. Clearly the location of the subject is important, and accordingly you could produce some “Michael Andrewsy” street scenes of Bath or Bristol for sale in those two places.

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