A Few Cornish Tasties!

Here are a few piccies of our Cornish hol so far. I’ve been playing around with the Snapseed app on them which mum has installed on her iPad. I might get it as its good fun to use and has certainly added a bit of drama to these pics today.
20120422-182215.jpgpic of a lobster
Here’s a pic of the boats at Boscastle, looking in towards the village from the harbour mouth.

Below is a picture of Devon Country Diary (mum) against a nicely painted blue door. As we all know, this blue looks great by the seaside, here in Cornwall or in Greece but try to capture it in another, inland town and it fails.

Now! Who recognises this house? Here’s a clue: you will have seen it in a TV series on ITV. Another clue: the Westcountry accents are pretty atrocious! And one final clue: you know what accident or illness is going to befall which character within the first 6 minutes of the programme starting. Answer!! It’s Doc Martin’s house. Hooray! You all got it didn’t you! Or maybe you aren’t such big fans as me???? Is that possible?

So, I’ve taken plenty of photos but have not really done any painting. I have a cold which makes me irritable and impatient and it’s bloody cold here in Cornwall. A gale has been blowing consistently these last 48 hours so I have wimped out of getting the paints out. I shall force myself to do some tomorrow. I hope. Still, I’m having a lovely time and enjoying every moment of the holiday. More photos to come. We are off into Boscastle ‘town’ in a bit for some supper.

Here’s what I had last night:

Lobster Thermidor! With crab and prawns in a brandy cream sauce. Delicious! That’s the first time I’ve eaten lobster. Nice but I prefer crayfish, langoustines and crab I think. I don’t know what I’ll have tonight. If its good I’ll snap it and show you. We are planning on just going to a pub instead of a restaurant to save money.

Here’s Boscastle again:

Just before I go here’s a quick run through of where we went today. Started the day in Port Isaac, moved on to New Polzeath then headed back via Delabole and the slate quarry, Trebawith Strand, Tintagel and back into Boscastle. More pics to follow.


Here’s one for the dog lovers! He was having great fun in the water and obviously didn’t feel the cold like we would have done.

Below is a nice picture of Port Isaac. We got there early just after 10am and left roughly an hour later when it started to get rather busy with traffic and other visitors.


And now a picture of mum in the wind:


Supper this evening was at the delightful Napoleon Inn . We both recommend it highly, over and above The Riverside which is Boscastle’s main restaurant and stuck in the 1970’s, decor and menu are both pretty dated….Lobster Thermidor, red carnations on burgundy tablecloths and so on. The Napoleon Inn is a better bet. It’s at the top of Boscastle on Fore Street, is a traditional pub with an open fire and four rooms off the bar.

To be continued


4 thoughts on “A Few Cornish Tasties!

  1. Oooh, isn’t Cornwall one of the greatest places on earth? We came back a week ago but my mind is still there. Booo. I want to live in Cornwall.

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