A Little Sew Sew

I won’t show you the whole picture as the project I’m working on is a gift for a friend but here is my latest sewing project.



And here is the Japanese fabric quilt which has reached stage 3. The strips I cut with Devon Country Diary’s rotary cutter have all been sewn together. Dark light dark light. What a difference a rotary cutter makes! Straight lines! Since that worked so well I hesitate to use my scissors on these lovely strips now. Me and Devon Country Diary have booked 3 days in North Cornwall for a self inflicted painting holiday and as we shall be meeting up for that I shall save stage 4 until I have use of the rotary cutter again.

You probably think go out and buy one but they are too expensive for my infrequent usage. Here’s a pic of the sewn strips.



5 thoughts on “A Little Sew Sew

  1. Intriguing project….looks promising! You have one lucky friend. And rotary cutters are brilliant – remember to always cut away from yourself 🙂 Saves on medical supplies. Those fabrics are beautiful by the way; nice colours.

    1. Hi Kelly! Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you found it as it means that I have now found yours which is a really funny blog….and oh it makes me so hungry! I will definitely try out some of your recipes.

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