Funny Ha Ha!

Bath has a festival for everything! Lovers of Mozart, organic food, film, Jane Austen, Fringe arts, music and much much more are welcome to celebrate their passions in the golden city. Visit Bath during any month of the year and there is sure to be a themed roster of events.

April, suitably, is for the newest player on the scene, the Bath Comedy Festival. Now in its 4th year it is gaining a very good momentum with a comedian for every taste I believe. My own daily hit of comedy is on Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra so it’s no surprise for you to learn that I booked tickets for Jeremy Hardy.

My budget and confidence only allows me to book tickets for a show that I’m pretty sure I’m going to like and having giggled many a time a Jeremy’s humour on the radio this was what I plumped for. The hub for most events this year is Widcombe Social Club. Have you been there? It’s like stepping back in time- to the 1970’s. It most reminded me of club house for a large campsite perhaps near Weston Super Mare or Blackpool. Anyhow….it’s lack of sophistication meant that ticket prices weren’t overpriced and we were certainly very comfortable on our sofa seats so I will not be rude about it. I left that to Jeremy Hardy who did it far better than I would. He was good. I think he took a little while but not long to get into his stride but once he did the audience followed him willingly and there was a great atmosphere there. Well worth going and all the better for knowing that it was ‘im off the radio too.

So that was Wednesday night and had been an event booked months ago. Last night we got last minute tickets to see Barry Cryer, another veteran of Radio 4. We got the last two tickets I believe and I’m so delighted that we went! He was ace! A class act and one whose years of working gave his set an easy going professionalism that was smooth, natural and seemingly effortless. Wow! 5 stars for sure. He was with comedy partner Ronnie Golden who played musical accompaniment on guitar. So it was a set of songs interspersed with jokes and repartee. And it was brilliant. I’d love to share some of their witticisms but they were too fast, too crafted for me to be able to do them justice. Ok here’s one that I just about remember… ‘I’m 77. Sex at 77, ooh it’s not so bad, but it’s better at number 75 down the road!’.

Barry and Ronnie had the audience from the moment they came on stage and kept us for the entire 90 minute set in giggles and guffaws. I am so pleased we got tickets. Thanks to Christine for encouraging us to go.

Here is my fan pic of Barry with my photo stand-in. I did shake his hand though and gushed my enthusiasm for his show. Can you imagine if I met Johnny Depp???




6 thoughts on “Funny Ha Ha!

  1. It’s fab isn’t it! So often in these situations you just get the one chance and the likelihood is, one or other of the subjects has their eyes closed. I’m delighted with this one because the poses are equally casual.

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