My birthday!

Look what I got for my birthday!!!!!!


And look at the coffee cake I made. It’s got chocolate drops inside too! Can’t wait to sample it!




6 thoughts on “My birthday!

  1. Yup! He pretended all week that he’d not been able to get me a present or card and then when I went off to shower this morning this was on my bed. It’s just perfect. I was looking in at a new Chinese restaurant only yesterday to see if they served hot pot meals. We had one this time last year in Edinburgh and I’ve been raving about it ever since. So all around the edge you have a broth and then cook small things in it like thin cuts of meat, vegetables or shellfish. The BBQ on top is new to me but it will be exciting to try out. Will definitely blog about what I cook on it.

  2. Not the cake! The last piece is due to be scoffed down later tonight. After Sunday roast you may not be too fussed about eating Chinese in the evening but I’ll consider it. Might do salad bits instead.

  3. Mmmmmmm……I could just eat a bit of that cake. It looks scrumptious!! Shame I smashed my tooth on Friday 😦 No more cakes for me for a while.
    A belated happy birthday to you. Avis x

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