What I Learnt Today

What I learnt today was how to make a friendship bracelet. I’ve made 3 now and am enjoying using up some of the embroidery threads I have that are threatening to take over my flat.


I got the technique off the Purl Bee website having never learnt it whilst I was at school. Friendship bracelets along with Pom Pom making seemed to belong to the Dark Arts when I was at school. I was never initiated into the magic circle to understand their craft. Mwahahahah ha! Now I know.  And I am the all-powerful and ever-living!


It’s been a nice quick project to try whilst I’m in between quilt making and whilst it is pouring down with rain outside. But i have had enough now…or i’ve only got 3 friends…you decide. Here are 2. The other is being worn by someone who is in the shower that i don’t want to interrupt.

Friendship Bracelets

2 thoughts on “What I Learnt Today

  1. Friendship bracelets are fun to make. I used to make a lot of them when I was younger, and I knew a lot of different designs that I’ve no doubt forgotten by now. I should make a few, for old time’s sake.

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