Scrap That!

My next project is a red and white quilt. They were the colours that I didn’t get to indulge in with the crazy pattern quilt (which is still in progress but the end is in sight and it would be good to have something else to look forward to do). Red is one of my favourite colours.

Actually, scrap that! I’ve been visiting a friend in Chichester and she took me too an amazing fabric barn. Here’s the website the Button Company and I’ll be uploading some photos of it soon.

Green Buttons
Not for Koumpounophobics!
Inside The Button Company

We spent a freezing but sunny Saturday morning there being overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of colourful combinations. I can’t describe how wonderful it was! Here are the fabrics I bought for my next project (not red!)



And here are the beautiful fabrics that my friend bought



More pictures of the wonderful Button Company….and i promise i don’t work there or have any affiliation to it! It was gloriously sunny that day and i had money on spend on fabric…i was high on choice you could say.

A tiny sample of the fabrics for sale.
Paris fabric which i really really want!
Polka Dotty!

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