A Reminder of Summer’s Flowers

So with headlines such as Killer Freeze and Russian Weather all over the news stands and the sky a leaden grey all day how about a reminder that it won’t be like this forever? Here are some photos I took summer 2011:

Lavender from the house in Lot, France where we spent 10 days wishing the sun would shine just a bit brighter (but had fun throughout despite that).

And lots of flowers which I don’t know what they are but they are at RHS Rosemoor which is a fantastic place. I went twice in 2011 and it was strikingly different each time to make it worthwhile and enjoyable on both occasions. Nan bought me some succulents (hens and chickens) which I have planted and they continue to do well.

If I had a garden or even an allotment I would like it to look like Rosemoor.

Finally the pink flowers are beautiful….I’ve always liked these but here they are making a friends summertime party look extra special. If anyone knows what any of these flowers are please do contribute!







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