What am I cooking?

What am I about to make with these ingredients? If you look at your calendar it might give you a clue.


Will update you with the answer in approximately 2 hours!

The answer is:



A sweet Scottish delight very similar to fudge. I’ve never had it before and certainly never made it so I don’t know if this is a success or not. It got rather scary while the sugar was boiling away…I had to separate the mixture into two bowls because it tripled in size! It would have been like the Magic Porridge Pot meets 999 if I hadn’t taken those precautions.

If you had looked at your calendar you would have seen that Tuesday was Burns Night! I have been invited to a friends house for Burns Night supper so have made this tablet as a hostess gift. Let’s hope I have done it correctly. Though as far as I know she’s not from Scotland so she may be as in the dark as I am about it.




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