Felt Bird Brooch

Delightful Christmas Presents

I was a lucky lady this year and received many many many wonderful Christmas presents….well, I always do but this year I get to share publicly how much I love them. Here are a few: (and PS I’m just putting up a couple up so don’t think I didn’t like the one you gave me!)



So….what is the above? …well unless you are fluent in Mandarin, let me tell you that they are hair grips! Kind of obvious from the diagrams on the packaging, I know. Laurie bought these and brought them over from Taiwan. They are super lightweight, once they’re in they’re in and they stick that annoying bit of hair that always flops down in my face well away, for the day. The good thing is that they are painless to remove despite their gripiness. The downside is that they look like black pant liners stuck on my head, so they are only to be worn in private.


Now this one has had many outings in public and has been much admired. Becki made this for me and I love it. Her dedication to changing the cotton to match the felt mesmerizes me. It was this and the other handmade gifts I received (needle felted glasses case) that spurred me on to start my own project rather than just dreaming about it….the patchwork. She made a pair of matching hair clips too which are a beautiful red. Anna got a Totoro brooch which I was a bit envious of at the start but I love this one more.


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