My First Quilting Project



So this is my first project of the year and I have jumped in at the deep end with two feet to make a double quilt for my bed. It’s a Log Cabin quilt so of all the quilt options it’s the easiest. I made huge progress while I was in Devon, making 9 large squares but since being back home progress has stalled. Posting this will force me to continue with the project sooner rather than later. As a brother of mine would say, sagely and perhaps smugly, ‘carpe diem, carpe diem’. (Which Autocorrect changes to Carpet Dime Carpet Dime which is less wise)



So the top two photos show fabric i have collected as well as material that has very kindly been given to me for Christmas and birthdays. The one I’m cutting has travelled all the way from Taiwan-Thanks Fiona! Others are designs by Kaffe Fasset and Moda as well as some which i don’t know.

The bottom two pictures show me concentrating hard on sewing a straight line and then some finished squares. I’m really impressed at the technique and how much i was able to achieve. There’s still a long way to go but unlike with other projects you get to the fun stuff first and then the boring bit last which suits me perfectly!


So I have completed all 12 squares. Hooray! Just needed to dedicate some time to it. This isn’t the final pattern. I’m going to run lengths of a contrasting fabric up and along the squares and around the edges too. It’s going to be big. Hopefully not too unwieldy to sew. Do you think yellow will look good? Plain yellow? I can’t wait to go to the shops to choose. Will update you when I have found the right fabric. Don’t hold your breath though, it will take time.

Update: I have bought some fabric now and although I don’t think it has wow factor it’s certainly better than the many many others I looked at. I couldn’t find a decent yellow so have chosen this orange one. I think it works and it’s very warm looking. I’ve been careful to cut the fabric so that the pattern runs the same way all along the horizontals and verticals. Apart from one bit which I sewed upside down.

I’ve done the horizontals and the next time I have a few days off in a row I plan to do the verticals. I’m going to have to ask mum for assistance after that because the squares and the lines are wibbly wobbly. I shall have to take it back down to Devon I reckon and we can work on it together as it will be quite a large thing.




4 thoughts on “My First Quilting Project

  1. Wow thank you! Your kind words are fantastic and having just looked at your blog I don’t think I’m worthy for such attention. This is my very first quilt ever, having always been put off by having to be neat and perfect. Two things which I really struggle at being. I’m trying very hard here to be as precise as possible in my sewing and cutting but even then things go awry. And it’s not the fault of the champagne either! It’s not my regular sewing tipple (although I wish it were). I look forward to spending more time reading your blog, you are obviously very accomplished indeed!

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