2nd Time Around

Aha! Success! Writing and an image whilst using my iPad. Whilst I’m not precious about my first and unpublished blogpost I am sorry that it got lost into the ether as this one, being written now, so very late into the night, is far more abrupt than it ought to be.

Bear with me. I’m learning. I’d rather make these mistakes now and learn along the way than delay getting this blog started waiting till I had the perfect pretty pretty blog (and never actually getting round to it).

Grace Bonney is an inspiration. Through her blog/ design lifestyle guide i have discovered so much talent, industry and community. In the last year a whole new world has opened up to me that i have enjoyed reading about but so far have felt too far removed from. I hope starting this blog will organise me into realising my own potential and actively get involved in the stuff I love! Through Design Sponge I have found loads of wonderful websites, creatives, inspirers and of course fascinating blogs. These I will certainly mention when I can fully lavish on them the praise they deserve!

Feel free to take me up on stuff that I’ve written and perhaps not thought around enough on. I hope to convey as best I can what’s important to me but sometimes inarticulacy/ lazy writing might misinterpret my best true meaning.

As I say in my About Me blurb…I’m really very lucky to have this read; if it diverts, amuses or informs you then even better! Here’s to blogging!



3 thoughts on “2nd Time Around

  1. Great, you made a start, I won’t point out all your mistakes like you do mine, ha! Are there no background pics etc, do you have the free app which allows you to write, add pics etc and is much simpler?

  2. It’s good to see another James family blog. Here is some sagely advice as a fellow veteran blogger. Use the wordpress ipad app as mum suggests. All of the pictures seem to be really small so when i click into the it takes me to an equally small picture, so i cant see you’re beautiful quilt. Likewise, when you format pictures, chose to “open in new tab” so that it doesn’t take you away from your webpage. Maybe captialise the first letters of the blog tagline? I look forward to reading more. I’ll get fi and laurie to sign up for emails, and of course i’ll advise my readers to check your website. dont worry about paying me.

  3. Thanks to Annette and Gwilym for the advice. I got the WordPress App at the same time I started my blog and am happy to write with that but there are more formatting options on the full site which I want to explore first.

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